Saturday, June 30, 2012


Little children understand the concept of ownership better than adults do. If a child colors a picture, that is his picture; if he buys a toy with his allowance money, that is his toy; if he is given a birthday present, that is his present.

Adults understand this to a degree, but we forget that it also applies to God. We will “amen!” the notion of God being our Creator, but we easily forget that He must also be our owner. Listen to how missionary John R. Cross describes his time in Papua New Guinea:

“Every item I asked about—‘Whose paddle is this?’ ‘Whose canoe is that?’—elicited a response that designated an owner. When I inquired how they knew who the owner was, they looked at me in disbelief. Apparently I had asked a foolish question. To them it was obvious. The owner was the one who made it![1]

If God is the one who made us, which the Bible emphatically teaches, then He is every bit our owner. And as such God has every right to lay out the “thou shalt’s” and the “thou shalt not’s” that govern our lives.

For the record, God’s rules are not in place to make us miserable, but for our benefit, but that’s another message for another day.

Romans 14:8 concludes with “…whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's.” Christian, acknowledge the fact that you belong to God, and your life must be lived in accordance with that concept.

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[1] Cross, John R., By This Name, GOODSEED International, p. 35

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