Friday, August 9, 2013

Ordinary Superheroes

People have always loved a good superhero. From comics to cartoons, from TV to toys, we like to see larger than life characters accomplish things that no ordinary person can.

Subconsciously many of us think that there are superheroes in life that can do things that we mortals cannot do. We think the best looking, the most talented, the highest GPAs are the ones for the job, and the rest of us are doomed to a life of mediocrity.

Even in the church there exists a hierarchy of super humans: the staff, the deacons or elders, and the gifted few that seem to do everything form their own Justice League.

But God has never been in the business of only calling on the flashiest, most obvious choices. In Acts 9 God chose an otherwise-unknown man named Ananias to be the hero that Saul needed.

In chapter 8 Philip the deacon and Peter and John the disciples were used by God in mighty ways; even a well-to-do eunuch from Africa is highlighted. But Ananias? He was definitely not an admired superhero. He wasn’t even a sidekick.

And yet God chose him to minister to Saul and help launch the ministry of the greatest missionary the world has ever known.

You might not think you are a caped-crusader for Christ, but God can use you anyway. Ananias was simply obedient when he said, “Here I am, Lord (Acts 9:10).”

If you are willing to be obedient to Christ, then He can use you to accomplish great things, possibly even rescuing someone in distress.   

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