Sunday, March 19, 2017

Carbon Dating is Junk Science

Last week I wrote about how bugs and birds point to a young earth and contradict the billions of years we constantly hear about. Today I want to point at something else in nature that also points to a young earth: coal.

Many, especially students, hear about carbon dating (or C14 dating) that supposedly disproves the Bible’s version of Creation. Every time a fossil is found or a bone is discovered, we hear about how carbon dating shows that the discovery was many millions of years old. The more we hear this the more we may be inclined to wonder if the Bible is true, or if this science has discredited God’s Word.

Carbon dating may sound good, but if scientists are honest, they will admit that the system is flawed at best, and flat-out fake at worst. The earth’s atmosphere contains .0000765% C14; once something dies it stops taking in this carbon, and the carbon it contains immediately begins to decay. Therefore, the amount of carbon measured should be able to date the object against the amount of carbon in the atmosphere (although there are many variables that this method fails to account for). This is important: there should be no measurable carbon left in anything after 40,000 years.

According to Darwinian evolution, coal formed 250 million years ago. Yet today, any time coal is carbon dated, there is always some measurable carbon in the coal. From this we can conclude that either (1) carbon dating is junk science, (2) coal is not 250 million years old, or (3) both. I believe it is #3.

Next time someone tells you we know the earth is billions of years old, or that evolution is true because of C14 dating, just remember that carbon dating is wishful thinking for atheists. They need the earth to be billions of years old to give evolution a fighting chance. When taken literally, the Bible clearly teaches that earth is around 6,000 years old, and real science always points to a young earth.

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