Monday, May 29, 2017

Going Bald

It's official. I'm going bald.

And the worst part is I had no idea. I've known about the receding hairline for several years; the left side is in a race with the right side to reach my neck first. It's the classic horseshoe pattern. But last week I came face to face with the back of my head, and was confronted with the spiraling bald spot at the crown. My wife had been dropping subtle hints ("Hey, I have a coupon for Rogaine, FYI."), but I wasn't getting the message. Sometimes she was more deliberate ("Didn't your Papa lose his hair young? What are your thoughts on toupees?"), but I still wasn't getting her drift. It wasn't until she told me to hold a mirror and see for myself that I saw the ugly truth.

It helps to have a different perspective, even if you don't like what you see. With our eyes focused outward, we can miss what is taking place on the inside. That's why we all need people who, in love, can point out something that is wrong. I'm not talking about the physical appearance, but those little habits that begin to creep up in our lives. That pinch of pride, that jar of jealousy, that bucket of bitterness--they can grow without us realizing it. We might not like it at the time, but we need accountability from our brothers and sisters in Christ who love us enough to pull us aside, hand us a mirror, and tell us to take a look.

Maybe you have been angry at someone for pointing out some flaw; get over it! They're only trying to help you. Deal with what they pointed out to you, and you will both be better for it. Maybe you see something in a friend's life that you know you need to address, but you are worried that they will respond in anger. You've dropped hints, but they aren't getting the message. Grab a mirror (the Bible) and force them to look at the problem.

My first response to my wife after seeing my bald spot was to ask, "Why didn't you tell me?" But I knew she had. I just didn't want to see the truth and thought that as long as I couldn't see it, it wasn't real. But everyone else could see what I refused to acknowledge. Don't let your sin be that way. Everyone else can see it, so just deal with it now instead of turning a blind eye. It's time to face the bald truth.

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