Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fake Obedience

Did you know that it is possible to obey the wrong way? Genesis 27 records an event that some say is all about disobedience, but in it I actually see obedience. Just the wrong kind of obedience.

In the story God told Isaac to pronounce a blessing on his son Jacob, but Isaac decided to bless his favorite son Esau, and Jacob and his mother Rebekah conspire to trick the patriarch into accidentally blessing Jacob. Think about it:

Isaac accidentally obeyed God and blessed Jacob; Rebekah cleverly obeyed herself and tricked Isaac; Jacob willingly obeyed Rebekah and lied to Isaac; and Esau gladly obeyed Isaac to undermine God. They all four obeyed, and yet they all four disobeyed.

Accidental or partial obedience is not obedience at all. Isaac blessed the right son, but accidentally; Rebekah made sure the right son was blessed, but dishonestly; Jacob knew the blessing was his, but acquired it deceptively; and Esau obeyed his father, but did so sinfully.

We must obey God with the right heart, the right attitude, and the right spirit. If we obey God and choose not to indulge in some type of sin, only to look down our noses and judge others, we are not really being obedient.

Think about the way you obey: is it full, complete obedience to God from a right heart, or is it done with some ulterior motive? God only delights in proper obedience.

“But Isaac said, ‘Your brother came deceitfully and took your blessing.’”

Genesis 27:35

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