Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Peaceful Transfer of Power

Regardless of your party affiliation, or even lack thereof, there is a lot to celebrate at Presidential inaugurations.

The inauguration is not about the man (and someday the woman) being sworn into office, but about the office he is about to hold. More important than who sits in the Oval Office is the fact that we have an Oval Office, the recognized seat of power for the Leader of the Free World. Every few years one President steps aside to relinquish the high office to his successor.

Last week my wife and I had the honor of attending the Presidential Inauguration*. Former Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Bush 43 looked on as President Obama transferred power to President Trump. This tradition is vital to our democracy for two key reasons: first, our country is free from the dictatorships, coups, and monarchies that are the norm around the world. No President, no matter how bitterly defeated, has ever refused to acknowledge the will of the people.

But it is also important in that there is never a minute of vulnerability to our enemies. Power is transferred peacefully, but also seamlessly. At 11:59 the President is Barack Obama; at noon the President is Donald Trump. This continuation of government ensures someone is always in control.

The stability our government provides is reassuring to the citizenry. How much better, then, is the stability offered by the King of Kings? The God of the universe is always on the throne, and He isn’t subject to coups, impeachment, or term limits. There is no transfer of power because all power in heaven and earth belongs to God alone. There is never a minute of vulnerability for His enemies. No matter what you may be going through, remember that God is sovereign and in total control.

God reigns over the nations; God sits on His holy throne.

Psalm 47:8

For the record, and contrary to reporting by the Associated Press, CNN, and other outlets, we watched from the base of the Washington Monument, with thousands of people behind us. Those groups reported that Trump "wrongly" stated the crowds reached the Monument. 

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