Monday, July 23, 2012

A Common Ancestor

One of the key tenants of the theory of evolution and the religion of Darwinism is the belief of a common ancestor. The idea here is that, since they believe that we all evolved from something smaller, then we must have a common ancestor. Humans and apes have a few similarities, so they must have evolved from the same animal. Chickens and ducks must have a common ancestor. Dogs and hyenas must have common ancestor. The problem is, these common ancestors have never been found.

Until now.

I was fortunate enough to be the one who made the discovery. I was looking at my computer and realized how the numbers were all in order, and the keys follow the famous “qwerty” system. Then I noticed that my cell phone has the exact same pattern. That is when it hit me: the laptop and cell phone have a common ancestor: the calculator! The calculator must have evolved into a computer, which evolved into a phone!

How ridiculous is that? There are similarities, but that doesn’t mean their ancestor is common, just their designers. And the fact that they were intelligently designed is important. They were designed with the most functionality possible, and it took intelligence to make that happen.

So instead of thinking that we have a common ancestor with an ape, why don’t we think that we have a common Designer? There is no way that people, apes, chickens, ducks, dogs, hyenas, or anything else that is living was the result of random chance. This entire universe screams, “Intelligence.”

The opening sentence of the Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” If the Bible were wrong about its opening sentence we might as well throw the book away. But if that powerful sentence is correct, then we have every reason to believe that entire book is true.

Do you believe?

(please visit for great information to prove the Creation account. You can also click on the “kids answers” tab for information to teach the Creation to your children.)

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