Monday, July 23, 2012

Kingdom Prophecies

The Bible is full of prophecies that have been fulfilled, and most of them were very bold predictions. In Ezekiel there is a prophecy that “no more princes will come out of Egypt.” That was in essence a prediction of the demise of the country, which was the richest, strongest nation on earth at the time. That would be like predicting that America will never elect another president, and then it coming true.

But there is a prophecy of another kingdom. In Luke 1:33 we read that of Jesus’ kingdom “there will be no end.” Two thousand years after that prediction and we are still living in light of that kingdom.

How many things can you think of that are two thousand years old? The Olympics, maybe the writings of Homer; but those are not things we read about every day, attend weekly services for, and devote our loves to. That Jesus’ kingdom is still very much taught and lived out is a proof of another bold prediction.

The Bible made two kingdom prophecies, one Old Testament, one New, one for destruction, one for perpetuity. Both were accurate.

If someone tells you the Bible can’t be trusted, tell him to prove it. This book has existed for centuries and not one word, city, date, or name can be discredited. It has been scrutinized and criticized, but only in vain. We don’t have to prove it is true; it is left to the critic to prove it is untrue.

I hope you are hiding this Word in your heart.    

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