Monday, July 23, 2012

The Love of Money

Money is what runs the world, right?

Without it we are very limited in what we can do, what we can eat, or where we can go. And as the cost of living continues to go up, the demand and desire for more money goes up.

And yet many times it seems as if the church teaches us that it is wrong to have money. It almost seems as if we believe that God loves us more if we are poor rather than wealthy.

Then there are other churches that seem to teach that if God really loves us and we really love Him then He will make us healthy, wealthy, and prosperous.

But the Bible never tells us to be rich or poor—those circumstances just seem to play out for each person. Whether we have little or much, we are just told not to love money, for that produces all kinds of evil (I Timothy 6:10), and many people have wandered away from the faith in search of more of it.

I don’t know your financial situation, but I know that you need to be content with whatever you have (Philippians 4:11), and remember that it is all a gift from God (James 1:17).  

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