Monday, July 23, 2012

Known by Christ

Through our ministry I have had the privilege of meeting several famous people, including the Georgia Bulldogs football coach Mark Richt. I had the privilege of speaking with him for several hours, and he signed a picture for me and wrote, “To Tommy, Go Dawgs!” As a Gator fan, I certainly don’t like his “Dawgs,” but I still proudly display that framed picture in my office.

If I were to go to the sidelines at a Georgia football game and begin to yell at the coach, do you think he would remember me? I could remind him that we spoke one time over a year ago, and I could even tell him about the picture he signed for me. His response, however, would probably be, “Sorry, buddy, but I don’t know you.”

For many people, that is how their judgment will be. Speaking of that day in Matthew 7:22-23, Jesus said that many people will plead their case by telling Jesus all the good things they did, but His response will be, “I never knew you.” They will depart into everlasting punishment.

You might remind Jesus that you went to church, prayed a few times, or did nice things, but like with me and the coach, that is not enough for a relationship. To be known by Christ you must turn from your sins and give your life to Him, and only then will the relationship begin.

 Does He know you? 

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