Monday, July 23, 2012

Angry Birds in Space

If you’re like me than you were excited to hear that a new version of Angry Birds was out. From the original, through all the Seasons, and then into Rio, and now these ticked off birds are chasing the green pigs into outer space. 

These once popular birds had recently taken a back seat to Temple Run, so it was perfect timing to come out with this newest game. I have beaten the previous three versions of the game, and am a little embarrassed to admit that I even pulled a few all-nighters when the debut version was launched. But it was clearly time for something new.

With new gravity-defying strategies, backwards launching, and even a new bird joining the ranks, the makers of Angry Birds did exactly what developers need to do to keep from fading out of relevance.

Some churches and religious groups feel the need to do the same thing. They think that the message of the old rugged cross does not apply anymore. Sermons on sin were for our grandparents, but we need to keep up with the changing times.

While I am all for making preferential changes, the message of Jesus Christ should never change. Why? Because He never changes.

James wrote that with the Father there is “no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” That means that God does not change who He is or how He acts.

As beings who change we may struggle with that concept, but that is the beauty of serving an out-of-this-world God.  

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