Monday, July 23, 2012

The Heavens Declare

A hypothetical question that is commonly asked in theological debates is about the man on a deserted island. If he never hears about Jesus, does he still get to go to heaven (I’ve always wondered how he got on that island, but I guess that’s what makes it hypothetical)?

The answer to that question, is no, he does not get to go to heaven if he never calls on the name of the Lord according to Romans 10:13. While this may seem unfair, we are told in Psalm 19:1 that “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament (skies) showeth His handiwork.” All we have to do is look outside and we see God’s sovereign work of creation all around us. The man on the island has a lot of nature to consider: the vast ocean, the sky, complete with stars, moon, and sun, as well as trees, plants, produce, and other creatures. The same is true for people who live in 3rd world jungles or deserts.

All of creation serves as a flashing marquis sign telling us that there has to be a Creator, and common sense tells us that if someone can create all of this, the He must be God. This leaves the man on the island without excuse.

For those of us who are not on a deserted island, we still can benefit from the heavens declaring the glory of God. Whenever you are tempted to doubt that Jesus is real or that the Bible is infallible, simply look out the window or look in a mirror. What you see is the work of an intelligent Designer.

If you believe that, then don’t let the heaven’s be a better witness than you. Go out there and declare the glory of God.

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