Monday, July 23, 2012

Washington Monument

Last week I had the privilege of going to Fairfax, Virginia to be interviewed on the TV show Communicating Today. I knew that the exit for Washington DC was only about 10 miles past the exit in Fairfax, so we decided to pass our exit and continue to our nation’s capital.

Neither my wife or I had ever been to DC, and we were both excited about the opportunity. We had no idea what to expect once we exited, and we didn’t know if we would get to see any of the sites since we only had a few minutes. All at once when we were taking our exit I saw the Washington Monument, which is far taller than I had realized.

Part of what made this such an amazing sight to me was the age of the monument. Completed in 1884, the Monument has been observed by people from all over the world. I was also struck by its size and strength. I remember the Virginia earthquake on March 23, 2011; our church building, some 8 hours away, shook during the quake as the Capital was evacuated. The Monument suffered some damage, but it still stands high into the sky.

Upon seeing the building my mind went to a familiar Bible verse: Proverbs 18:10, which says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it, and they are safe.”

Our eternal Lord has been around forever; Abraham, Moses, David, and people throughout history have found shelter in His name. And He is strong, a very present help in time of trouble.

Let the righteous find refuge in their strong tower, the name of the Lord.

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