Monday, July 23, 2012

Meeting Royalty

Most people are familiar with the life of Joseph, but if you aren’t, you can read about him in Genesis 37-50.

In chapter 41 Joseph is about to be released from prison, where he had been held for a crime he didn’t commit. Not only is he being let out, but he is going to meet pharaoh, who was the equivalent of the president in Egypt. In verse 41 we see that Joseph “shaved himself and changed his clothes” before he met pharaoh.

If you were going to meet the President of the United States (like the Florida Gators National Championship track and field team did last week), would you make some changes to your appearance? Regardless of your political views, meeting any president is an honor; I know if I were going to meet the president today I would take a shower, put on my nicest clothes, brush my hair, and put on cologne.

Most of us will never meet the president, though. However, every one of us will meet Jesus Christ. The author of Hebrews tells us that we each have an appointment with death, and then our judgment. If you knew that today you were going to stand before Jesus, would you make some changes?

Would you delete music from your iPod? Would you erase text messages or change your ring tone? Would you first break off a relationship, or clean up your language? Would you forgive someone, or ask someone to forgive you? What changes would you make if you were going to see Jesus today?

We probably aren’t going to stand before Jesus today, but we might. Are you willing to gamble eternity on a probably? Since we will all meet Jesus someday, why not make those changes today? 

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