Monday, July 23, 2012


Tonight is the last night of our Vacation Bible School, and we have had a great time at Saddle Ridge Ranch! We had surprise visits from Tiger and Cocky (I’m still a little sad that Albert the Alligator wasn’t here), a missionary to the Philippines, and we also got to meet an interesting bunch of characters.

Haas and Hattie Jo Bornagain were on a journey from Saddle Ridge Ranch to Mustang Mountain, but they had a few scary encounters. Cool Hand Lucifer came and robbed them one night, and Chief Wannakeeya and his squaw Wannascalpya tried to kill them another night. Then there were the two ladies on the path of destruction that tried to lure the Bornagains away; they were Gi Gi Singsmore, the aspiring singer, and Texas Alexis, the aspiring silent film star. Fortunately there was The Sheriff there to help the Bornagains along the way.

John 10:10 teaches us that the devil only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. When the enemy steals from us, it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love us; Jesus promised that we would go through hard times in this life, and that only reminds us that we aren’t home yet. Jesus also told us to love the ones who hate us and try to kill us, and He commands that we tell other people about Him.

Because the Bornagains obeyed all those teachings from The Sheriff, they showed love to the Indians, and we saw the Indians change their names to Chief Wannahugya and Wannacookforya. They also were able to convince the ladies that there was only one way to the mountain, and they needed to obey The Sheriff if they wanted to get there.

I always love our skits at VBS because they are fun, but more importantly, because of these powerful biblical truths we can learn. Let’s all look for ways to show love to people that hate us, and let’s look for someone we can tell about Jesus today.

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