Monday, July 23, 2012

Dead Battery

I was leaving Wal-Mart in a hurry on Wednesday afternoon, needing to hustle to get some last minute things done before our mid week service began at church. But when the key was placed in the ignition, nothing happened. I don’t usually like when my cars make noise—squealing beaks, clanking engine, and unidentifiable rattling under the hood are sounds I frequently drown out by turning up the radio. But when you turn the key and get total silence, well, that is a bad silence.

So many times in life our plans can quickly change. Mine weren’t the only ones that changed in the parking lot. A friend of mine, a pastor from the next city, came by to help. When we couldn’t get the battery jumped back to life, he drove me eight miles out of his way to my house.

I’m so glad for a friend that didn’t mind going out of his way for me. He was being obedient to the command of Jesus to “go the extra mile.” In Matthew 5:41, Jesus told His followers, “Whosever shall compel thee to go with him a mile, go with him two.” As followers of Jesus today we should be looking to go the extra mile for people all around us. Be on the lookout today for someone in need of the love of Christ, and then show them His love in action.

Will you go the extra mile, or extra eight miles, for someone today? 

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