Monday, July 23, 2012

Cabin Fever

As I write this we have been snowed in here in Union for four days now. We had freezing rain, then eight inches of snow, then hours of sleet, which has completely shut down our county. We spent most of the first day playing outside while it was snowing. Then after the sleet came we were able to build a four foot snowman. But soon after that cabin fever finally set in.

I wasn’t familiar with that expression prior to this week, but I now know it refers to feeing cooped up inside with nothing to do or nowhere to go. During this period of restlessness I began to think about some of our church family shut-ins, the ones who are not able to leave the house. I know that many of them get restless or frustrated just having to stay around the house all day.

That is why the Lord tells those of us who are able to visit them in their affliction (James 1:27). That verse specifically mentions widows, but the logic behind the verse is clear that true religion will look out for the less fortunate.

You might consider yourself a religious person, but what are you doing for the orphans, widows, or shut-ins? 

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