Monday, July 23, 2012

Being Hated

If we are honest with ourselves we would probably all admit that we don’t want to be hated. It is only natural to want to be loved and have people genuinely enjoy our company.

But as weird as this might sound, I wonder about people who are not hated at all. Jesus said that Christians are going to be hated; Jesus was hated and even murdered, and we should expect nothing less for following Him. I John 3:13 says, “Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.” In other words, we should not be surprised when we are hated by the world.

Think about it. Billy Graham is adored by millions of people, but do you not think he is also hated by some? A person who hates Jesus or thinks there is no God would hate the message that Jesus is the only way to heaven, and then naturally hate the messenger.

Furthermore, when we call out sin for what it is, the one guilty of living that sinful lifestyle will respond with hate.

So whether the hatred comes from the ones who hate God, or from the ones who love Him with their lips but not their lives, we should not be caught off guard by it.

Some people think if we constantly do good deeds than the world will love us, but Jesus was the best do-gooder of all, and He was hated. Thousands of charities do good deeds, but when we mention the name of Jesus, some people will respond with hate.

If you are not hated, then you have to wonder, are you keeping your Christianity to yourself?

I’m not worried about being hated. I have a Father that loves me.

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