Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kingly Humility

“When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take Him by force, to make Him a king, He departed again unto a mountain Himself alone.”
John 6:15

     In John 6 Jesus had just finished feeding the 5,000 men (plus the unnumbered women and children) with a little boy’s lunch. This was only the 4th miracle that Jesus performed, and it was the first real, public miracle that the Jews witnessed.

     Jesus performed a public miracle by turning water into wine at a wedding, but that was in Cana, and His 2nd and 3rd miracles were the healing of a government official’s son and the lame man by the pool. These latter two miracles didn’t have many witnesses. So when thousands of people were fed miraculously an outbreak erupted.

     Some of these Jews may have believed that their long-awaited Messiah was there in the flesh, but their misunderstanding of Scripture led them to believe that He should take the throne by force and rule with an iron fist. Others may have just wanted someone to overthrow the existing government. Others still may have just enjoyed the show and the free lunch. Either way, Jesus perceived that their emotions did not include taking up their crosses and following Him.

     So with all the power and authority of heaven on His side, Jesus demonstrated the upmost humility. Can you imagine if you were in His situation—with throngs of people pushing to make you their king (or president)? Add to this the knowledge that Jesus knew the cross awaited Him, and the temptation to give the people what they wanted would be too much for most men.

     This display of humility from the King of kings serves as a model for us. Maybe, like Jesus, you need to depart to some mountain before your ego gets crowned.    

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